About us

Our technological and business expertise, strong partnerships and innovative solutions allow us to stand out, disrupt financial services and lead the way to a customer oriented, better future.

Who we are & what we do

We are a team of experts, on a mission to simplify investing in digital assets.

Our belief is that cryptocurrencies will bring a fundamental change to how people across the globe view money.

Therefore, our goal is to provide an intuitive platform to make the transition as smooth, transparent and secure as possible.

We trust our instincts, that this is the right path and are looking forward to the journey.

Early 2017 - Deep dive into the crypto space

Major investment in leading crypto assets and several altcoins.

2018 - Building decentralized applications

Worked on blockchain applications that enabled P2P messaging, explored DeFi and the NFT solutions.

2019 - Growing network of experts

Had the opportunity to connect with numerous leaders and excellent developers.

2020 - Technical preparation for exchange

Research and development of exchanges and secure, high-performance applications.

2021 - Ongoing development of exchange

Working with professional teams and partners, the exchange has been built.

2022 - Exchange launch and expansion

Our platform opens to the general public and we look to expand in several markets and regions.


We build on trust, transparency and make decisions based on a consistent framework of strong moral principles.


We are always open to new ideas and concepts that challenge the conventional view of modern-day technology.


Knowing our purpose and following our hearts, we grow personally and professionally to change the world for the better.


To ensure high-quality, best-in-class products and services, we go above and beyond expectations in all aspects.